Armor, Weapon

MSZ Outfit (仮)

MSZ Item Set v4.1 (June 10, 2019)

~Item set~


 ☆I'm planning to add new weapons!☆

Katana, Sword..etc



【Install】MO/NMM or Manual

【※Required※】DLCs: Dawnguard, Dragonborn            


☆You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me.

☆クレジット表記で、アイテムセット内の物はMOD作成(フォロワ/オブジェクトポーズ作成などなど)に組み込んでいただいてオッケーですので( ´∀`)b


【Item Box location】

MSZ item box is placed in Warmaiden's.

Whiterun: 戦乙女の炉店内にMSZ Item Boxを設置しています。




Craft or AddItemMenu

※craftable at any forge

※Required Perk: Steel Smithing
Console command: help MSZ

MSZ:Dragon Horn,Daedric Battleaxe, Nordic Engetsutouk,  Nodachi,  Katana, Kodachi,  AC DaggerA,  AC Sword A,  Bone Greatsword, Naginata, Tanto, Nordic Halberd, Nordic Kukri, Sickle Sword A&B...

   ・鉄と鋼鉄のカテゴリで生産, 強化可能となっています。


「MSZ Item set」

※v4.1 (June 10, 2019)

             ・add MSZ Butterfly net (2H Sword), Straw hat





【tools, Credit】


Blender, NifSkope, Creation Kit, Photoshop, Substance Painter


【Special thanks】Crential様, YATHcom様



MSZ Item Set

v4.0 Katana B (1H Sword)
v3.0 Spear (2H)

v2.0 Zantetsu (1H), Zantetsu B(1H), Zantetsu sheath(Shield)

v1.9 Alumi Hat

v1.83 Pockin(Food)

v1.8: (Nov 6, 2018)MSZ DragonBreaker: Sword(1H), Shield, Horns C

                                 Kpinga Sword, Sparta Sword, Hook

v1.7: MSZ BrokenSpear (1H Sword), Retextured SickleSword B fix

v1.6: MSZ StoneSword(2H Sword), IronBlade(Dagger)

v1.5: MSZ Sai(Dagger), Guandao(BattleAxe)
v1.4: MSZ Kodachi(Dagger), Katana and Nodachi: retexture and Nif adjusted

v1.3: Daedric Battleaxe, Nordic Engetsutou and new Horn

v1.2.1: Katana

v1.2: Nodachi (Greatsword)

v1.1: Nordic Kukri's EdgeBlood fixed.

v1.0: Add a new weapon: Sickle sword B


MSZ Goods

v1.2 06/11/2017 added Naginata, Tanto, Earrings

v1.1 (21/7/2017)

v1.0 (15/7/2017)

(5/5/2017 リリース時

  • Bucket Helmet
  • Elven Broom
  • Hataki  


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  • #5

    Dovahkiin (土曜日, 02 2月 2019 02:37)

    Tank you! very much! :)

  • #4

    Misuzu (金曜日, 28 12月 2018 11:46)

    Hi, Chris
    I am glad you like it. Of course, please use your favorite stuff. Thank you!

  • #3

    Chris Redford (金曜日, 28 12月 2018 07:39)

    Big fan of your work . I have been playing a little girl character in Skyrim , who we call Bucket Head because of the Bucket Helmet she wears . I have been toying with the idea of making her into a follower and was wondering if i could include your Bucket Helmet as part of it . Of course all credits would be added. Your helmet is a BIG part of who she is , in my playthrough and in the FB group i am in.

  • #2

    Misuzu (土曜日, 10 11月 2018 18:50)

    >774 さん こんにちは。

  • #1

    774 (土曜日, 10 11月 2018 17:52)

    こんにちわ v1.81をLEで使わせてもらっています。バニラ環境でもチェックしてみましたが、
    BONE_ MACEとF_ SWORDがメッシュがないせいか、インベントリでも装備しても表示されません