Armor, Weapon

MSZ Item Set v1.7fix (Oct 14, 2018)

~Item set~


 ☆I'm planning to add new weapons!☆

Katana, Sword..etc



【Install】MO/NMM or Manual

【※Required※】DLCs: Dawnguard, Dragonborn            


☆You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me.

☆クレジット表記で、アイテムセット内の物はMOD作成(フォロワ/オブジェクトポーズ作成などなど)に組み込んでいただいてオッケーですので( ´∀`)b


【Item Box location】

MSZ item box is placed in Warmaiden's.

Whiterun: 戦乙女の炉店内にMSZ Item Boxを設置しています。




※craftable at any forge

※Required Perk: Steel Smithing
MSZ:Dragon Horn,Daedric Battleaxe, Nordic Engetsutouk,  Nodachi,  Katana, Kodachi,  AC DaggerA,  AC Sword A,  Bone Greatsword, Naginata, Tanto, Nordic Halberd, Nordic Kukri, Sickle Sword A&B...

   ・鉄と鋼鉄のカテゴリで生産, 強化可能となっています。


「MSZ Item set」(Oct 14, 2018)


              ・MSZ BrokenSpear (1H Sword)

              ・Retextured MSZ SickleSword B (1H Sword)




【tools, Credit】


Blender, NifSkope, Creation Kit, Photoshop, Substance Painter


【Special thanks】Crential様, YATHcom様



MSZ Item Set

v1.6: MSZ StoneSword(2H Sword), IronBlade(Dagger)

v1.5: MSZ Sai(Dagger), Guandao(BattleAxe)
v1.4: MSZ Kodachi(Dagger), Katana and Nodachi: retexture and Nif adjusted

v1.3: Daedric Battleaxe, Nordic Engetsutou and new Horn

v1.2.1: Katana

v1.2: Nodachi (Greatsword)

v1.1: Nordic Kukri's EdgeBlood fixed.

v1.0: Add a new weapon: Sickle sword B


MSZ Goods

v1.2 06/11/2017 added Naginata, Tanto, Earrings

v1.1 (21/7/2017)

v1.0 (15/7/2017)

(5/5/2017 リリース時

  • Bucket Helmet
  • Elven Broom
  • Hataki  


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